5th Street Outlet Are Frauds!!!!

Honey Brook, Pennsylvania 0 comments
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I placed an order for a one pair of UGGS on Nov.30th for XMas for my daughter.I was given an order #11469 and it would be shipped Best Way was the only choice you could pick and it was "Free Shipping" YAH it was FREE to them because they did not ship anything!!!

They stole my money from my credit card and never replaced it. I emailed them several times asking when is my package coming and then they gave me a tracking # that was not even coming to my state let alone my town! I was told it is on it's way,(all in lower case letters and no contact name or company info nothing) I would be getting it soon,you should get it by the latest Dec 21st from Bill S. oh that was after I asked that a supervisor contact me ASAP!

Well that Bill S.

did not get me any where and I am out all that money that I could not aford in the 1st place but that was one of the only things my 1 daughter really wanted!I am disabled and a single mother that was the last thing I needed to happen because I was unable to get her anything she wanted after they stole from me!!

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5th Street Outlet - 5th Street UGG Boots are fake

Livermore, California 0 comments
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Ordered "UGG" boots Nov 30, 2010. Finally received them today 12/30. They are fake!! Workmanship is sloppy and material is flimsy. Also, did not receive style and color ordered. Have instructed my VISA company to reverse the charge. Can't find a phone number for them and their customer service dept is a different web address. Also, their return policy says no credit allowed 10 days after receipt of order. The sloppy spelling on their order acknowledgement should have been a clue.

I'm also filing a complaint with the California Attorney General.

From now on, I use Amazon only!

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5th Street Outlet - 5thstreetoutlet.com

Mount Laurel, New Jersey 1 comment

Do NOT order from them.I ordered ugg boots from 5thStreetoutlet.com on November 26, 2010.

They posted a charge on my credit card on November 27, 2010. They sent me an e-mail on December 14th and again on December 15th that my boots were shipped. There is NO address or telephone number so there is no way to contact anyone. I never received the boots.

Do not deal with them.

I was able to reverse the charge from my credit card and get my money back on December 22, 2010 STILL NO BOOTS!This place is a rip off so do not deal with them.



I also got ripped off.I ordered two pairs of boots from them on Nov.

29th. Website says will receive the order within 5-8 business day. The only item that my girls really wanted for Christmas and they never were able to open them. After several email to them, I kept getting the same automated email that the order had been shipped.

I was able to find another email form a scott I believe and he said once they were shipped it was out of there hands. They didn't even give me the right tracking# Well I just received my order yesterday, Jan.6th and the boots are clearly irregular. I also never recieved the other pair. I emailed again and they saod that as of Jan.

12th they will be out of business!!! What can I do to try to get my money back. My husband is out of work and I can't work due to some health issues. I am so mad at myself for trusting these people.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can't let this go and neither should you.Lets do something

5th Street Outlet - never delivered

Boston, Massachusetts 2 comments

I ordered my niece a pair of Classic Short UGG boots on Cyber weekend 11/29th it took 2 weeks to receive a shipping notification on 12/13/2010 that stated my order would arrive 4-8 business days - they never arrived the shipping tracking numbers never worked on the provided shipping site and they failed to acknowledge (2) inquiries on the status of the delivery.

I was forced to purchase the boots locally to have something to give to my niece on Christmas Eve - Here it is December 28th and no boots

I have emailed them (no phone number on site :() asking for a credit I have a feeling that I my never see my $109.99 - less learned

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I ordered a pair of classic uggs for daughter the friday after Thanksgiving for 109.99.I recv'd email stating they were in the mail.

Never arrived for Xmas. I called my credit card bank and xceled order. Again recv'd another email in Jan 2011 stating the boots r in the mail. Well they just arrived on Feb 7, 2011, from CHINA.

I called my credit card bank to re-authorize funds, which 5th Street never disputed, for payment. Bank said bring the Ugg's to Ugg store to verify they are authentic, before payment. I'm not an expert, but I did compare them to 'Real Uggs' and there are a few differences such as sewing, Ugg tags on inside & outside of shoe appear different and no "Hologram" on inside of China pair, hmmm.

I have yet to verify authenticity.:upset


same thing happened to me . I am out 109.99 and no boots.Big SCAM!

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